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We are Julieta and Monica, we met in Gothenburg, Sweden, back in 2011 and it was most probably then, when everything started.

Inspired by our life in Scandinavia, our passion for design, natural textures and quality long lasting products rather than fast trends,

we decided to start HAZIA from Oslo, Norway, in 2018.

We had a tones of ideas but we needed to find the fabric that would represent our brand in terms of attitude and quality.

After more than one year of research around Europe, we found the perfect collaboration with a small company

in the north of Spain fully committed with organic agriculture.


Thanks to them we can be transparent to you about the manufacture process, making sure that you know what are you getting

and what are you giving to the planet when you buy any of our products.


The word HAZIA means seed in Basque.

We both like it and thought that it would represent our brand perfectly: just seeds, just pure organic cotton.

That it is what HAZIA is and nothing else.


We are more aware than ever of the impact that we all have in our planet.

Creating alternatives for table linen, made in the most sustainable way and using only organic cotton produced at small scales,

it is our way to contribute towards a greener world.

This is exactly why we started HAZIA.


Be part of our journey and make difference.


...Everything starts and ends in nature....

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