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4 Tables To Succeed This Christmas

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Looking for table setting ideas for this Christmas? In this post we present you 4 stylish and sustainable table settings to forget about the Coronavirus!

We propose you to combine textiles and homemade decorations to give a fresh look your dining room with little effort and personal touches.

This year everything has been cancelled except Christmas! We all will miss some friends & family by the table, meetings will be reduced and we will also need to keep more space between the family members by the table. Therefore we propose you to feel positive and cheer the family up with original decorations. Let’s turn this into a positive thing!

It is a great opportunity to spend more time at home and let your interior & imaginative skills flourish. It is time to bake, to relax by the table, to take long breakfasts and endless dinners. Take the chance to add your personal details to every decoration and make everyone’s mood change!

Sustainable Christmas gift made of 100% organic cotton

Experiment with prints and timeless colours

There is one rule when decorating your table for Christmas: no rules.

Classic, traditional, boho, sophisticated, rustic, minimalist, Scandinavian style, colorful..., no matter what decorative style you choose for your Christmas table, just mix and match as you feel it.

And if you’re stuck on how to start, be inspired by the season!

From HAZIA we want to propose you some ideas so that you can choose the one you like the most


Going “all in” for one colour is always a wise and very elegant option. Choose a high-quality one colour tablecloth and napkins and decorate the space with some nuts and winter leaves that you can collected yourself. Placing them in the middle will make your table feel longer without giving the impression of an empty table. You can also include LED lights if you have them! The result will be surprising as well as stylish. This option is a winner!


If you are looking for a decoration to inspire the calm feeling but with a Scandinavian style, we propose you to go for light white and grey tones. Bring out your best dishes and decorate the centre of the table with tones of candles that provide that light so characteristic of Christmas.


Surprise you guests with a little gift! Leave them a small cotton bag with some detail inside and you will succeed. Here we placed every guest napkins inside our sustainable bags and added a Christmas touch through walnuts and small candles for a cosier feeling. We kept all elements in brown colour to keep the room clean. We choose a print tablecloth for a cheerful and festive feeling. Ideal for small dinners and breakfast parties!


As we already mention, the best tips when decorating is get inspired by the season! In Christmas we can let nature to take the focus of your table. Making room for dried fruits, winter branches, pine leaves and cones. In this style we choose a print tablecloth plus napkins to bring dynamism and joy to the table. This table setting will take the whole family outdoors for collecting branches and leaves for home Christmas decorations! Win Win.

With fewer people at home, the decoration will become more important this Christmas. You will be happy to see the difference these changes can make on how you feel at home. Stay cosy.

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