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How long do we spend at the dinner table?

Did you know that in Europe we spend an average of 2h per day at the dinner table?

And this is an impressive data from our life pre- Covid-19, before we had to create a home office using the dining room!

It does not come as a surprise that there is a huge difference in habits from one country to another. And the length of time spent on eating and drinking at the table differs a lot when talking about Europe or the US for example. While Americans like to start the day with a long breakfast, in Europe we prefer to postpone the time to enjoy a good meal with family and friends, to the evening.

The eating or drinking habits may differ when talking worldwide, but there is one common element above all cultural differences:

“25% of the society considers the dinner table as the heart of their home”

The dinner table is the place where family gathers to talk, to do homework, to take a glass of wine or to relax while others do the cooking. And this is where we include ourselves from HAZIA.

Is there anything better than sitting for hours over a three-course meal with a group of friends? Is there any bigger pleasure than taking endless breakfast on a Sunday morning on a nice table setting? Or enjoy a cup of coffee with a pastry with a friend? Or sitting with a good book and a warm cup of chocolate when you get time for yourself?

Sharing table with chemicals and metals

Considering not only the number of hours we spend at the table but also with who: our loved ones! It comes naturally for us to think that the textiles we use in contact with our skin should be free of chemicals and toxic products so typical in conventional cotton textiles or table linen.

The truth is that most of us without being aware have been sharing dinners on tables covered with tablecloths and napkins made of hazardous chemicals such as etoxilates of nonilfenol, ftalatos, heavy metals, alquilfenoles, etc over the years!!

All these toxic chemists go through our skin when we dry us with them or even just with constant rubbing during long conversations. Some of the severe consequences on health that can comport are allergies, every day more common, psoriasis, dermatitis for contact and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

The magnitude of the problem is on a world-wide scale and therefore we decided to offer an alternative.

At HAZIA you will find table linen made with 100% certificated organic cotton that will respect your skin avoiding the apparition of blotches, itching and allergies and offering a better transpiration.

But we even went further and created our fabrics marked “For Hypersensitive skin”. These tablecloths, napkins and cushion covers are always Nude, the original colour of the cotton flower. No DIES. NOTHING. NADA. Cotton at its purest level.

Its intrinsic naturalness makes it hypoallergenic, very suitable and highly recommended for babies or children. Perfect as a gift for anyone with kids at home!

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